Reflecting upon the first half of my practice years I have decided to make some changes moving forward to the second half.  When you first open your practice it’s all about building, sustaining and providing a amazing service. I have witnessed a change in my profession and health care over the last 13 years and not all for the better.  We will always provide amazing quality care; what has changed is I longer seek to be the busiest chiropractor in the mid-west and one of the top offices in the country. That rat race has gotten ugly, gimmicks, “tricks of the trade” and unethical manipulations all in the name of profits.

Long term treatment plans: If it takes me 4, 5, 6 months or longer to help you I’m not doing my job or I’m a poorly skilled chiropractor. This is most upsetting to me because no one can predict where your health or pain level is going to be in a year. I have had hundreds of patients walk into my office telling me they were recommended a year long treatment only after the first several visits.

Machines and Gadgets: Are a great marketing tool to scare patients.

Decompression tables: provide temporary relief, not long term relief and the charge is very expensive.

Thermal Scanners: are proven unreliable, yet are wonderful visuals for maximum impact to frighten people.

Traction Units: For corrective care; these contraptions are unnecessary for corrective care. See our x-ray section of spine alignment improvements all achieved with short treatment plans and manual, meaning hand adjusting.

Cattle Call Adjusting: Open treatment space to reduce time per patient 

Olympic and Sports Team "Doctor": Volunteer positions